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Founded in 2017 by Truffle Capital, Artedrone aims to revolutionize interventional neuroradiology by proposing an autonomous robotic solution for stroke treatments. The business objective is to widen access to Mechanical Thrombectomy by allowing more centers to perform the procedure.​

Mechanical Thrombectomy represents a market opportunity of 1.3 billion dollars, with a robust growth rate of 4%.

However, the widespread availability of this life-saving treatment is hindered by the limited number of specialists and designated centres capable of performing the procedure.



1. 2023 Internal market assessment

2. 2023 Market insight study


Artedrone’s unique technology relies on therapeutics microrobots controlled by a magnetic guidance device.

Multiple patents have been filed protecting the magnetic guidance technology as well as the therapeutic μ-robots.​


Artedrone is currently raising 20M€ in Series B to finalize the pre-clinical and first in human studies. Series C will finance the pivotal study by 2028, before a trade sale or an IPO.​

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